Princess Marjan entered the room and walked confidently towards her throne. Her heart was beating fast, but she kept the composure of a future Queen. Now 25 years old, she had definitely inherited her mother’s royal attitude. The entire court – dozens of eyes in the silent room – was staring at her as she […]

United Kingdom, 2012 AD Steven ran through the last part of the field and nimbly dived into the water. As a skilled swimmer, the lake was easy for him to cross and he gained a bigger lead on the first of his chasers. A steep uphill run followed, then he lowered himself down through a […]

Her mother’s hug was everything Marjan needed to finally burst into tears, letting her emotions out. “Oh, Mom… I was so scared!” “Where did that happen? I’m going to make sure that those rebels are slaughtered one by one with no mercy!” “I’m afraid you won’t like my answer…” the Princess had to admit. “What do […]

Kingdom of Ashmeera, 330 BC Princess Marjan loved the feeling of her black hair gently caressed by the wind, especially when generated by the forward motion of a ride in the woods. A firm flick of the riding crop on her mount’s sweating muscles triggered a further increase in speed on the straight path. Comfortable on […]

Allison could not stop crying, but at least she had enough control to do it quietly, so she could avoid waking up her older sister and self-proclaimed owner. Her buttocks and sides were marked by Mallory’s stick – to the point of bleeding in some areas – and her back was intolerably sore from sustaining her rider’s weight for the […]

The following tale is a spur-of-the-moment idea inspired by “A Change of Heart”, a short story by Balance published here, which I recommend to any ponygirl enthusiast. “Mallory, how about you don’t ride me today? I will still carry all of our supplies: I am strong enough for that. But my back is still human, and […]

I am starting to wonder if I can make it through this. I am so exhausted. Men are not meant to be ridden all day like beasts of burden, after all. Or are they? Either way, the fact is that my back has been hurting constantly for the past couple of days, which makes it […]