The training started on a Sunday morning, when Megan rented a car and drove to the New Jersey shore. Amanda and Tiffany traveled in the trunk, handcuffed to each other, “so they could bond” in the words of their young Owner. “Have you really chosen to become this girl’s slave? What’s in it for you?” […]

“I can’t do this anymore. I am constantly exhausted, in pain… and most importantly, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind!” Amanda sounded desperate. “Of course you can do it. You will do everything I say, because you are mine” Megan replied with a matter-of-fact attitude. “You know that I adore you, Princess. […]

Amanda could feel her own body bend a little further by the minute: the exhausted muscles of her back were giving in, allowing the weight of her tormentor to painfully push directly against the center of her spine. She wondered: how have I ended up in this nightmare, serving a sadistic girl who is so […]

That afternoon’s ride was the most challenging yet for Steven. The Queen was much heavier than Marjan on his shoulders, and unreasonably demanding: whenever they hit an uphill section she demanded that he not only keep his speed, but even increase it. She was clearly testing him, and she literally rode him to the ground: […]

Princess Marjan continued the training of her new slave during the following weeks. He learned quickly and he showed remarkable strength and endurance at her service, as well as blind obedience to her orders. The Princess soon received a full tack for him: a comfortable shoulder saddle made of the finest leather, bit and bridles, […]

Princess Marjan entered the room and walked confidently towards her throne. Her heart was beating fast, but she kept the composure of a future Queen. Now 25 years old, she had definitely inherited her mother’s royal attitude. The entire court – dozens of eyes in the silent room – was staring at her as she […]

United Kingdom, 2012 AD Steven ran through the last part of the field and nimbly dived into the water. As a skilled swimmer, the lake was easy for him to cross and he gained a bigger lead on the first of his chasers. A steep uphill run followed, then he lowered himself down through a […]